I'm just a normal person who loves 3 babo boys : JunJin of ShinHwa, JaeJoong of JYJ( from DBSK) and WuYiFan . I don't know how my love will be in the future, I just know one thing that I love them so much now. I'm sad when 3 my boys 're sad, I'm happy when my boys're happy.


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140411 KrisYeol Moment @ EXO Greeting Party In Japan “Hello”

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Cute ^^

Cute ^^

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Anonymous said: What are your insights about the difference in reactions from the members about Kris and Luhan's departure from EXO?


In my opinion, when Kris left, there was an air of bitterness. Almost immediately, the members unfollowed him and took to their instagrams and Weibo’s to express shock, and condemnation. (Tao and Chanyeol in particular held nothing back. Chanyeol’s text was very brazen.) I thought their reactions were too swift and one-sided. It seemed liked they didn’t care to see things from Kris’s point of view or try and learn why he did what he did. He was completely written off, and from that moment on, the very mention of his name seems to be a taboo for the members. Because of this, I feel that there will never be real closure. Kris will not be given a verbal or formal “Goodbye” from any of them.

Some of the fandom also turned their backs on Kris. I still hear the words “traitor” and “backstabber” being thrown around in reference to him. Basically, there was nothing amicable about Kris’s departure, and it left a bad taste in many mouths.

Luhan’s leave from the group has been met with drastically different sentiments. First of all, a member of the group (Lay) has actually shown support for him and wished him the best. Nothing of the sort was done for Kris. Even if Lay was blindsided and knew nothing about Kris filing the lawsuit, he was still someone who Lay had known for years and at one time considered a brother. He could have said something to him, in my opinion.

Second of all, the other members haven’t unfollowed Luhan, nor have they left cryptic messages over the situation. This says that they are either content with Luhan leaving and have no ill-feelings towards him, or they just haven’t gotten around to it yet. My bet? The former.

I don’t think I have to mention how different the fandom is reacting. Although Kris did have people on his side (myself included), it seemed like a lot of people were influenced by the Exo members and became angry with Kris. Luhan, on the other hand, is getting nothing but love, despite filing almost the same kind of lawsuit that Kris did (and apparently being represented by the same lawyer). It’s very bizarre, and I don’t quite understand the reactions, especially from fans, when we out of everyone really don’t know the full details.

In the end, if we are to believe that the members didn’t know about Kris leaving, then their actions are a bit understandable. But I’ve long said that I find that hard to believe, because a day or two before the news of him leaving surfaced, Kris stayed in China but the other members flew back to Korea. Are you telling me that the company and Exo’s management didn’t know that Kris didn’t come back with the rest of them? Even more suspicious, the same thing happened with Luhan. Luhan has been in China for a few days now while the others have been in Korea. Clearly, SM knew in both cases. Perhaps the members didn’t, but regardless, I think they should have tried to reach out to Kris before becoming vocal. (And if they did reach out to him, they sure didn’t make it seem like it.)

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Feilong (Chinese: 飛龍; pinyin: fēilóng; Wade–Giles: fei-lung; literally "flying dragon"), winged dragon that rides on clouds and mist; 

Feilong (Chinese: 飛龍; pinyin: fēilóng; Wade–Giles: fei-lung; literally "flying dragon"), winged dragon that rides on clouds and mist; 

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