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  • Question: How did a conversation go from "Gonna work out with Seungho" to "I'm Iron Man, you are Captain America, Seungho is Rocket Raccon, Mir is Spider Man, Joon is Wolverine"?
  • Answer: Because it's MBLAQ.

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Anonymous said: could you translate this highlight. what they said about oh jong hyuk and soyeon youtu(.)be/Gsyj2B_cE_M

Kyuhyun: Oh jonghyuk-ssi, you told us not to talk about the topic that we were most curious about that is Marine Corps in our previous recording. This time, you told us not to talk about what we’re most curious about right now that is your love relationship..

Oh JongHyuk: Yeah..

Kyuhyun: But we invited you here to talk about this…

Oh JongHyuk: I actually have nothing to lose so I’m fine with this, but that friend’s condition is still not great so..

Kim Gura: What condition? Her solo is doing well though..?

Oh JongHyuk: But she’s not having a solo..

Kyuhyun: (To Kim Gura) That’s Hyomin~

Kim Gura: Then what friend is he referring to…?

Oh JongHyuk: This friend is another friend

Kim Kookjin: That friend is ‘Soyeon’

Kim Gura: Ahh Soyani?? Not Hyomin, but Soyeon~? Ohhh Soyeon

Kyuhyun: You’re still dating, right?

Oh JongHyuk: Yes, that’s right.

Kim Kookjin: Is she doing well?

Oh JongHyuk: Yes, she’s doing well.

Kim Gura: Then what is she doing now? Her other friends are doing other activities but what about her?

Oh JongHyuk: I’m not sure why (she’s not having any activities) but she’s resting right now

Kyuhyun: You can have something like a duet together!

Oh JongHyuk: ….

Kim Kookjin: You can sing something like “The Blue In You”

Oh JongHyuk: ….

Kyuhyun: You can try out going on ‘WGM’..

Oh JongHyuk: ….

Yoon JongShin: They’re still dating, right?

Kim Gura: Yes

Kim KookjinThis [points as Song ChangUi as the one not dating anymore..]

Kim Gura: You never know we might edit this part instead [I guess he’s pointing at Oh JongJyuk’s side]

Song ChangUi: Well…it’s like that…people break up….

_______/*topic switched to Song ChangUi*/_________

Kyuhyun: Oh JongHyuk, too, you’ve been dating for long, right?

Oh JongHyuk: Yes, it’s been almost 4 years

Kim Gura: Ohh, did you get yourselves something like flower rings?

Oh JongHyuk: No.. since we don’t like accessories

Kim Gura: Ah so he’s like that…?

Kim KookjinHe’s good with answers

melodysoyani: 감사한분께 식사대접 🙊 맛잇오맛잇오 마니드세유~ 

melodysoyani: 감사한분께 식사대접 🙊 맛잇오맛잇오 마니드세유~ 

melodysoyani: 달콤하고 깜찍하고 귀한 디저트까지 👅

Unnie went out with OJH tonight ^^

melodysoyani: 달콤하고 깜찍하고 귀한 디저트까지 👅

Unnie went out with OJH tonight ^^

1-2 / 100 MBLAQ

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Soyeon and Her Boyfriend Oh Jonghyuk

JYJ reveal title track details for upcoming 2nd Korean album “Just Us” + MV teaser date



As previously announced, JYJ will finally be returning with their 2nd Korean full-length album, “Just Us,” and they have revealed additional details, including a name, for their upcoming title track!

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Colombian press is confirming that Shakira is pregnant, they say that she’s less than 3 months and it seems pretty legit tbh because they were the first to confirm her last pregnancy and all the signs are there! Still waiting for an official confirmation from the parents but congrats to Shaki and Geri for their second baby :) 


Happy Birthday Busi! 

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